There are a number of Christian theatre companies, but what are the differences between them? Most of these companies produce high-quality drama, which is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Oddments’ repertory includes original material as well as sketches by well-known Christian writers. They present a wide range of topics, including the Gospel, social issues, and the Christian faith. If you want to see a high-quality production of a play that addresses the Christian faith, look for a Christian theatre company.

Many Christian theatre companies are not explicitly Christian. Some of the earliest such companies were evangelical street theater groups, and they have since graduated to professional theatre. While most do not refer to themselves as Christian, they are about 90% Christian, and even though non-Christian actors and directors are generally not allowed to join, they are comfortable praying for each other. The mission of The Lamb’s Players is to “Tell Good Stories Well.” In short, their mission is to spread the Word of God through the arts.

Christian theatre companies

Sight & Sound is the largest faith-based live theatre company in the U.S. and is known as Christian Broadway. The Branson location of the theatre is currently showing Noah through December 31. The show includes live animals as well. The Lancaster location features an all-female cast, which can be a welcome change from a more traditionally Christian cast. It is important to choose a Christian theatre company that is both professional and trustworthy.

Acacia Theatre Company is an example of a company that isn’t explicitly Christian. While this company isn’t religious in its own right, it does meld faith and art through its productions. The Acacia produces three plays a season and a Christmas special. It chooses plays that spark dialogue about Judeo-Christian values and are also suitable for family viewing. A few of the plays produced by the company are Our Town, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Driving Miss Daisy, The Miracle Worker, and The Spectacular.

Among the many Christian theatre companies, The Lamb’s Players was originally an evangelical street theatre that transitioned to the stage. Today, they are a professional company, but they don’t consider themselves to be a Christian theatre. However, their members are 99% Christian. Whether or not they label themselves Christian theatre is an individual matter, but the organization’s mission is to “tell good stories well.” Its mission statement is to create “an environment in which people can reflect on their faith in an artistic way.”

The Acacia Theatre Company is a full-time Christian theatre company that focuses on producing plays that reflect the Judeo-Christian worldview. Its mission is to provide a stage where faith and art can meet in the midst of conflict and despair. Its plays focus on Judeo-Christian values and the love of God. They are often performed in churches, but many other places offer performances to the public. Some of these events are open to the public.

There are several Christian theatre companies in the UK. The Lamb’s Players is an evangelical street theater in Yeovil, Somerset. The Lamb’s Players is a registered charity and reaches out to prisons and schools to make Christian dramas available to a wider audience. The cast consists of six actors and a rotating stage set. The show has a mission statement to “tell good stories well.” They also strive to create a positive impact on the community.

Christian theatre companies are often criticized for their lack of faith. Yet many churches are starting to embrace the theatre. They’re more open to seeing the gospel through the eyes of other people. And if you’re a Christian, then you’ll likely appreciate The Lamb’s Players’ productions have a broad range of shows that will appeal to everyone. You can find plays from biblical tales to period dramas. Then, there are Christian theatrical companies that have a more specific mission.

Oddments is a full-time Christian theatre company in Yeovil, Somerset. They are a registered charity and reach out to schools and churches. The company’s productions are made by six actors and feature music. The casts of these shows are often rated 5 stars by their audiences. Those who have a Christian perspective will likely enjoy Oddments’ productions. These theatre companies may not have the biggest budgets, but they do offer some unique productions that you might not otherwise find.